Fan Fund
Gamrillen's Tears: The ConStruct Fan Fund

You might have noticed that nifty “Chip In” widget to the right (or, on some pages, left) and thought “what is that stupid thing for, why is it brown, and while we're on the subject, ‘Chip In’ is a not-half-bad name for a male porn star!?”

Well, in reverse order, you are correct, we have no idea, and that thing is your chance to donate a small amount of money into a fund that will allow a member of the community that otherwise might not be able to attend ConStruct to attend. This is our first foray into this sort of self-serving altruism1, so I'm sure it will not be without hiccups, but donations to this year's fund will go to help fly in someone who belongs here from out of state.

So, if you have it to spare, please consider chipping in a little bit. Any amount would be helpful and who knows, you might be able to use a bit of good kharma. Remember, I know most of you…trust me, you need the kharma :P

1 Self-serving? Well, it serves to bring people to the convention that make it more fun for us all…if that isn't self-serving, I don't know what is!