Our People
The People of ConStruct

Everything at ConStruct is so decentralized—so run by the attendees—that we really found that we missed having some of the normal fun things you find at conventions. Among them, the Guests of Honor and the ConChair...so the community fixed that. It was decided by the community that we would have those positions, and here is how that works:

Guests of Honor (GoHs)

Selection: At Opening Ceremonies (generally, in the Consuite at a designated time) a hat shall be filled with the names of all payed attendees. The previous year's GoH will then randomly draw a name from the hat, and if that person can accept the nomination, that person will become the current Guest of Honor. (If the person cannot or will not accept the nomination, the previous GoH just keeps drawing.

Duties: Draw the name of the next year's GoH.

Benefits: Well, they get listed as the GoH. Oh, they also get a liaison to abuse…and they get to get first in line at meals…and entrance to the next ConStruct free…(Can you tell we make this stuff up as we go along?).

Past GoHs:


Selection: A given year's conchair shall be selected Sunday afternoon, at the end of the convention using the following criteria: The individual that took “invent your own fun” to a unique and impressive enough place that their invention is considered to be the lead feature of that particular convention. Plainly speaking, whoever brought the most fun to the most people in a way that is purely subjective and largely decided upon by the board (as influence by whomever is sitting in the room when the decision is being made, probably over too little sleep and too much alcohol) shall be named conchair of that con.

Duties: Duties will be entirely limited to the invention of a piece of fun at the convention that is so unique and impressive that it is considered to be the lead feature of that particular convention. That having already been done prior to the selection process, the actual duties to be performed will have retroactively been done already and attributed to the massively successful conchair.

It should be noted, then, that the conchair can never be considered unsuccessful, and any convention related failures are entirely the fault of any board members not standing within earshot at the time.

Past ConChairs: