Register for the Convention

Registration for ConStruct is just $35 for the entire weekend, which includes access to our ConSuite (and the food and beverage therein), and all of the programming that is available. Children under 10 are free, and those aged 10-15 (inclusive) cost $25. Children 16+ are considered adults for the purposes of pricing1.

There are a few small things that might cost a little bit in materials (several people are talking about doing paint-and-takes) so bring a few dollars to spend, but we are trying to keep the “ala carte” costs to a minimum.

If you have any registration questions, please email registration@ and we'll answer to the best of our ability.

Register for at the Hotel

Obviously, you don't HAVE to register at the hotel...but who wants to commute back and forth. More importantly, if we hit our room block, it enables us to keep our costs way, way down, so consider reserving a room for the really excellent rate of $96/night for a King Suite or $114/night for a double suite. (A rate that includes a full, cooked breakfast each morning and drinks at the manager's reception evenings.)

Sorry, the room block has closed!

1 On Children at ConStruct: While children are not prohibited, there is not necessarily any programming specifically geared toward them as a rule. If you wish to bring your children, please consider putting together some age-appropriate programming for them! Most importantly, though, is that you keep your children supervised and observe age limitation periods for various function spaces. Unsupervised children, or children that violate the age limitation periods for function spaces, will be de-badged and no longer allowed to enter the function space.

We know you love your children…but there's a good chance that we don't. We don't want to have to accidentally load your kid up with caffeine and start a rousing game of dodge the Merriman Road traffic with them.