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2012 Schedule of Events

Because this whole shindig is entirely driven by YOU, this is ludicrously subject to change. Everyone that is attending event A might decide to reschedule an hour later because someone is still sleeping. The dance might move earlier. An entire event might go away due to lack of interest. What this is, though, is a guide to some things that are likely to happen, and when they are likely to take place. At the event, we will transpose this to whiteboard and make an utter mockery of it.

That said, if you would like to help modify this, email me (jer at this domain name) from the email account you'd like an invite sent to, and you can change things. Note: please use your head when changing things, and don't move someone else's event without talking to them. Also, note that there are two tabs on here…one that is a schedule grid, and one that is a list of events with description. If you add something to the grid, please remember to add a description on the listing so everyone will know they want to attend! Likewise, if you have something you think you might want to do, but aren't sure if there will be people wanting to do it as well, add it to the events listing and see what feedback you get. It's fun, try it!! :)

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Last year's schedule is right here...

ConStruct 2's schedule is right here...

To go right to the spreadsheet instead of this ugly iframe (or if you see nothing above), click here!