What is ConStruct?
What is ConStruct?

The philosophy behind ConStruct is to have only a small amount of established programming, so that the each of you, the participants, have more of a hand in constructing your own convention. The concept behind ConStruct is an emphasis creating the programming you want to see; be it art and craft technology (with a bit of a geeky twist), gaming, partying, or anything else you can imagine. ConStruct is also a good time for brainstorming and developing new ideas, as participants are encouraged to recruit other participants to meet to discuss ideas together in group formats.

Through interaction in the months leading up to and during the Con, participants are encouraged to think about what kind of events they want to engage in, finding others who share their interests, and arranging the space and time to make those things happen during ConStruct. These events can be planned in advance, but we welcome (and even expect) events arranged during the Con itself. Dry-erase boards and bulletin boards will be stationed around the Con hotel, for posting information, seeking interested participants, and scheduling events; all done by the participants (with some assistance and guidance from Con Staff). Want to have a knitting circle? Play a game of Carcassone? Brainstorm a new costume? Plan the next convention? Bring the tools of your favorite activities, and share it with your fellow Con participants!

The goal of ConStruct is to be a relaxicon, but it is one that requires just a little bit of work on the part of the participant. We want you to bring to the con what YOU want to do. This may be bit of a challenging and different concept to some Con-goers, who may be accustomed to having their schedules planned out in advance (and make no mistake, we will supply some programming for those that wish to just be entertained) but realize that to get the full benefit of all that ConStruct has to offer requires creativity and motivation to participate!

Call us idealists, but we believe that this will make for a more personal and fulfilling convention for all who are brave and creative enough to attend, as everyone can ConStruct their very own experience! In this way, we are serious when we say that you should invent your own fun!

A belief in working with the head, hand and heart and mixing enough play with the work so that every task is pleasurable and makes for health and happiness.
--John Ruskin